About DaPino

I am Pien
DaPino alias,
Piennemans, Pienmanski, Pienious, Pinos
I have done things wrong, even very wrong sometimes.

I have done good things. Successful sometimes.
This less attractive and beautiful experience.
I have lost, I have won and overcome,

I have searched and found.
I was always on the run until I discovered silence.

I experienced unrest
As the rest
I met and learned accept myself
I am happy

Through the love around me:
My friends,
My family.
By giving love:
Daantje to,
My friends,
My family,
And all those who are for me to do,
In my house, my job.

With everything.
Fortunately, I still have a lot to learn:

Still a lot to do,
Many discover,
Still very much “travel”
Still so much to do!

My black lace,
For negativity and greed.

The common thread is infinite.
The big question was: Who am I?
The answer is: I am I

Every day – I live
With trial and error,
But fortunately

116 Responses to “About DaPino”

  1. M.S.Qureshi says:

    I love your work

  2. Iris says:

    Followed you on Twitter! I found your free beauty girl pack somewhere. I wonder if you could do a tutorial on that? I want to learn vector so bad.

  3. DaPino says:

    Thank you all for your nice words!

  4. Thanks a bunch says:

    I want to say, About DaPino – DaPino-Colada is a seriously good website. I would like to offer you my personal thanks a lot. Best regards, Thanks a bunch

  5. [...] DaPino is a blog that presents beautiful free vector images created by Pien. [...]

  6. Roni says:

    I really like you works and like to invite to showcase some of your works at http://www.designstub.com. It’s a free design resource website so you will get more viewers for appreciation :)


  7. Karrie Jeudy says:

    I really like your web site!

  8. dblaize says:

    I am Dele Blaize, dblaize alias.
    I do graphics, graffiti and photoshop effects.
    I really like your site and the vectors you have in there, from the whole colour blend to the shapes.
    How long does it take you to produce one illustration on the average.
    Do you use a lightpen? If yes, which type. Any recommendations?
    I use the mouse but it takes me so long to finish a drawing,at the end its not perfect the way i want it. You have other colleagues into illustration too? Their sites?
    You look very pretty too…for a hardworking woman.
    Thanks for the wallpapers.
    Thanks again.

  9. Judy Day says:

    Your devotion to your family is obvious from your wonderful work. Keep it up. My website is Isagenix and it gives people information about products to help them feel better.

  10. Claire says:

    Thankyou so much, it’s perfect!

    When I have finished the site, I will send you a link :-)

    Thankyou again!

  11. Daantje says:

    Hi Claire,
    I received your email. I just send you an email together with the image you asked.

  12. Claire says:

    I replied to your email address, but my work mail wouldn’t send to it for some reason, SO I’ve replied from my home email address, and that has worked BUT got an out of office reply!!! I hope you get the email somehow!


  13. Daantje says:

    Hi Claire,

    Send you just an email and fixed the missed plugin. Thanks for your comment.
    Pien X

  14. Claire says:

    Hi there!

    I have been trying to send you a message via your contact us form, but it says the Captcha plug in is missing… do you have an email address I can write to you at? I didn’t think you would want me to write the whole email out into your comments box!! :-)


  15. tamaradidic says:

    hello there!
    your work is great!
    I am student of multimedia in Serbia, if you have ever heard about it?!
    anyway, I am really impressed with your application in flash- Catch the rain.It’s really great! In fact, I was researching web and looking for something cute&simple idea for my school work.Could you please help me with some advice, concerning this application? to explain me how did you realize these components, layers, etc. or maybe if you could send me .fla file to have a look on it(don’t worry, I’ll not use it in any commercial, even non-commercial use, it would be just for myself education and researching).Actually, I would like to learn how to realize some simple game in Flash using ActionScript…
    Thank you in advance.
    and one more time, Bravo!
    Tamara :)
    (my email: tamaradidic@gmail.com)

  16. Hi!

    It is a pity you do not allow commercial use of your art. I am writing a book. It will be free (CC-BY-SA 3.0). I thought about using graphics from you on my new web design. But my site is all CC-BY-SA, so it will not be possible. :-(

    Anyway, I’d like to give you a suggestion. You could have a relicensing plan. Icons you do not belive will earn you any money could be re-released under CC-BY-SA. Also, you could compromise to re-release it if people are willing to pay. Something like, I buy the graphic and you release it under CC-BY-SA.

    Your work is really great! It could be a valuable asset to society. :-)

    André Caldas.

  17. Martin L says:

    Hi, your food icons are wonderful: We’d like to use two icons from the collection in a gallery in Los Angeles for the menu in their cafeteria. Is that ok?

  18. Peter Patrick says:

    Thanks for reply and your icon.
    We are now using the icon in develop and also labeled your name on it.
    Thanks again.

  19. Daantje says:

    @jorgeamg: Thanks for your comment. You can use the icon.

  20. Daantje says:

    @peter patrick: thx for your comment. You can use the icons at your website without commercial license.

  21. Peter Patrick says:

    Hello there,
    I’d to ask you a define of “Commercial”.
    Here’s what going on:
    I’m building a website with game.
    And some parts of the game used the some icons/pictures of yours.
    Particularly, my site and game are both NOT for require or request the user pay for some features.

    So, I’d like to know if the above thing is “commercial” or “non-commercial”.

    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards,

  22. jorgeamg says:

    Hello from Mexico, I see an icon that I like me very much and it wanted to ask for your authorization to be able to use it I see it in the page of http://www.iconfinder.com
    And it calls “calculator” http://www.iconfinder.com/icondetails/11000/128/calculator_money_icon

    I was charmed with the coloes and design, thank you very much my mail is pumas.albero@gmail.com
    I dont speak english. Sorry

  23. Similoluwa says:

    I love your work; it’s all very nice. Thanks for sharing your girls with us!!!!!!!

  24. Rashauna says:

    Thanks so much for the free vector beauty girls. Take a look at how you’ve helped my customize my blog character.

    http://www.phomucoco1.blogspot.com I used your girls to make the header character.

  25. Hello Pien,

    I love your work, your feminine touch makes a great difference. We have a free vector site that we’ve launch some months ago and we are inviting contributors that we like their work. We would really love you to send us some of your work to publish on our site. Please check our site out at: http://www.freevectorstock.com/ and let me know your thoughts and feelings about this.
    Also very nice what you wrote below your pic.


  26. Luba says:


    Your work is amazing!

    I sent you an e-mail today and would love to hear from you!

  27. Simlin55 says:

    Hi Pien,

    Even een compliment voor je prachtige creaties. Ik kan het niet laten mooie dingen mee te nemen als ik ze zie, al heb ik er niet altijd direct een project voor. Maar er komt altijd wel een moment dat ik zeg “jà, dat ga ik er mee doen!” Ik weet hoeveel tijd en inspanning je dit kost en ben het helemaal met je eens dat delen met anderen veel leuker is dan het voor je zelf op de computer te bewaren. Ik deel ook met anderen wat ik in mijn vrije tijd graag maak (wel ander soort werk dan wat jij doet, maar het idee erachter blijft hetzelfde). Het creatief bezig zijn geeft ontspanning en als je er dan ook nog ‘ns anderen blij mee kunt maken, dan geeft dat nog meer voldoening.
    Met heel veel dank,
    groetjes uit Italië (ja, geëmigreerd :-) )

  28. kevin says:

    Hi – really like your work and was wondering you would like to contribute to our new web to print concept site http://www.digmyid.com
    We have a small stable of nice designers and would like you to join.
    Royalties are very healthy.


  29. 李刚 says:


  30. cherrydavinci says:

    I love ur work awesome buddy

  31. vi says:

    hi dapiNo, i’m a Vi from Asia, i try to find ur email but i can’t found it. I found your work beauty girls in internet, and i would like to use one of your beauty girl.ai, just the brown’s one, to become apart of my poster to my business. I plan to start a business, but it’s not started yet now.

    if my business has started and i get some profit, i will donate you via paypal directly, would i borrow first ? sorry for my english

  32. fontaholic says:

    AMAZING! Unglaublich ;-) Great Work!

  33. DaPino says:

    Bedankt voor je bericht. Er zit veel tijd en energie in maar ik doe dit dan ook heel erg graag, is geen straf! :-) En het delen is leuker dan het op mijn harddisk bewaren.
    You’re welcome!

  34. ErikJanVens says:

    Beste DaPino,
    Wat moet je hier veel tijd en energie ingestoken hebben. Geweldig dat je dit allemaal beschikbaar stelt.
    Dankjewel, Erik-Jan

  35. Gary says:

    Very nice work and wonderful writing, DaPino!
    you are a true poet and artist!


  36. Sindhu says:

    Hai, your work is great. Thanks for share it with all us.

    Sindhu Bobby

  37. clau says:

    Hello!! your work is great! really i love it!
    Thanks for share it with all us.
    I’m from Buenos AIres, argentina. and you?
    Best regards!

  38. yurigary says:

    very good.
    especial :)

  39. saskia says:

    Brilliant work! Thank you very much for sharing it. Regards from Ecuador, South America.

  40. DaPino says:

    @brillie: Thank you for your donation, I really appreciate! Maybe, I can help you with a vector image for your blog? if yes, let me know! ;-) DaPino

  41. brillie says:

    I donate to you through paypal.. I really like your job. I hope someday you could make vector images for my blog, haha!


  42. DaPino says:

    @Mira: Thank you for your nice comment and feel yourself welcome here ;-)

  43. DaPino says:

    @lisalisatong: Thanks for your nice words.

  44. DaPino says:

    @Carin van Leeuwarden: Hahaha, cadeautje in je meelbus. Graag gedaan hoor en bedankt voor je berichtje en felicitaties!!

  45. En het is ook nog je verjaardag. Dank je voor het leuke cadeautje in mijn meelbus en van harte gefeliciteerd!!!

  46. lisalisatong says:

    Thanks for sharing your work. It is amazing and beautiful and wonderful how much creative juice you have!

  47. mira says:

    Hi Da Pina, Your work is great and I am thankfull for the free downloads. Thank you and keep up the good work. You inspire me to get creative myself. Bye Mira

  48. vicolson says:

    Hi Da Pino,

    I am soooooooooooo in love with your.. what a talent. I am I would love to use your one of your beauty girls and edit it slightly to appear beside a logo I am developing for a friend for a mobile nail art business. Would you be able to get in touch with me please about this possibility and by what means I can use… if at all possible. many thanks!

  49. loremipsumblvd says:

    DaPino, your work is awesome… keep up the great work, I’m adding a link to this great resource.


  50. Bridgette says:

    Hi, DaPino! Wow, your work is amazing. Smart, beautiful, fantastic at what you do, and wise in life…God went all out when He created you :)

    Thanks for sharing your work with us. It’s amazing. I love the girl with food design and I would like to use it in a flyer for a food delivery service. Is that considered commerical use? Please let me know if this is not okay, otherwise, thank you so much!

  51. peetree21 says:

    one of the best finds on the net in the last few years! love your work!!

  52. versus says:

    Eres muy muy muy interesante. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, es buenísimo

  53. sheik says:

    thanks and keep it up

  54. DaPino says:

    @Samuel: Dat is grappig ;-) Groetjes uit China en Nederlands sprekend. Vakantie of geemigreerd? Groetjes DaPino

  55. Samuel says:

    Erg leuk! groetjes uit China.

  56. ydoom30 says:

    Hello Pien!

    I just want to thank you for sharing your work! You are awesome and so inspiring!!!! Keep up the great work!!

    Yamil from Puerto Rico!!

  57. skiwi says:

    Hi DaPino,

    I love your designs, so beautiful and detailed. I especially like your floral graphics with the birds and roses…..stunning. Is it alright to use these designs for a website I am trying to create? I have learnt how to make jewellery and want to promote it on the internet but I am not sure if you would mind me using your graphics on a website that sells jewellery?

    Your poem is wonderful about your life and I agree….creativity is very therapeutic. For me making jewellery has been a lifeline through recovery from mental illness.

    Keep on creating your special work :)

    Best wishes from New Zealand


  58. farah says:

    Thanks for answer me DaPino, i dont´t have a Web Site, but I uploaded some pictures in slide.com, rockyou.com and Hi5




    I Love painting Children, Women, Flowers, allways colorfull, I never taken lessons for paint, but i Like it, and admire your work.

    Take Care

    Farah :)

  59. DaPino says:

    Hola Farah,

    Gracias por sus palabras amables. Wow, pintura en el viejo estilo, ¿tiene usted una cartera en línea?

    Un abrazar ;-)

  60. farah says:

    Hola Dapino, me gusta mucho tu trabajo, pinto cuadros por diversion, de la forma antigua con lienzos y pinceles, pero tu trabajo en el diseño es excelente, continua asi.

    Un abrazo

    Farah ;)

  61. DaPino says:

    @roby109: Thanks for your comment. About making your logo, I just send you an email.

  62. roby109 says:

    hello, I used your template for my blog and you have to do my compliments, I also used one of your graphics to make a background always on my site.
    I wanted to ask you one thing, but how do you make those work? if very good !!!!!
    I wanted to ask you a favor, can make a logo for me? if you send me an e-mail (roby109@hotmail.it)

  63. DaPino says:

    @francesco: Thanks for your comment! It will be nice when my graphics are usefull for you.
    Ciao Pien

  64. francesco says:

    Hello Pien,
    just a short comment to compliment with you for your excellent works and thank you as well for making them available to simple web designers like me! Keep going this way!


  65. DaPino says:

    @rocperla: Gracias por tus amables palabras. No hay de qué.

  66. DaPino says:

    @Emanuel: Hola Ema, gracias por sus amables comentarios. Eres bienvenido. Besos DaPino

  67. sam says:

    hey pien congrats on your brilliant works!! i actually want to use your floral grunge II vector image on one of my company samples for a project on medias as background for a card. please let me know if you can allow me to do so. i would be grateful to you..

  68. rocperla says:

    paaaaaa drisimo!!!

    eres un genio de la cursileria…. me encanta tu diseño

    con todo mi respeto…… gracias

  69. Emanuel says:

    hola Dapino, me gusta mucho lo que haces. Soy redactor de publicidad en Argentina y la verdad me quede asombrado con tus diseños!.



  70. DaPino says:

    @Gìo: La ringrazio con il tuo Gìo belle parole. La semplicità è il potere! Ciao

  71. Giò says:

    Complimenti Pien, sei molto brava, ho scoperto il tuo sito solo ieri, ma mi piace un sacco tutto quello che fai, con semplicità. Ciao e grazie.

  72. DaPino says:

    @Orlando: Hola, gracias por sus palabras amables y no hay de qué siempre aquí!

    Me ruborizándose sacando sobre estas palabras … Me encanta hacer ilustraciones

  73. Orlando says:

    Eres una diosa del diseño…

  74. Orlando says:

    Hola,, es un placer conocer de sus grandiosos proyectos, me he kedado fasinado con tan elavorados trabajos,, me alegra mucho conocerla. ok…
    desde Guatemala. orlandotajin-pixdesingstudio-

  75. DaPino says:

    @FreelanceVenue: Thank you for your great words!

  76. I found your portfolio on Google search engine, and I must say, I love your work!

    You’re an excellent designer…

  77. DaPino says:

    @Rafael: Thanks!

  78. DaPino says:

    @Olivier: Thank you for your nice words… by the way: like your name..

  79. That’s a geat job you’re doing

  80. Olivier says:

    Hi Ha Pino,

    great work, I like your graphic touch !

  81. Alex Ritter says:

    Hi Da Pino

    How to get ure designs enpacked.

    regards from Liechtenstein.

  82. DaPino says:

    Thank you all for the kind and nice comments! Really nice!

  83. mew says:

    Hey, DaPino
    Thanx for the resource

  84. paracha says:

    very nice……beautiful

  85. Sheril Jebasingh says:

    Beautiful! God Bless!

  86. Lotte says:

    Hi all,

    Just want to say I am so proud of all these nice comments. cause Pien/DaPino is my sister and indead she is a real artist! Tonight I just saw all her (new) great graphics, WOW sis, what you make is beyond art…..I love you!

    Keep up the great work, I am very proud of you!
    Kiss from your Sis.

  87. Imran says:

    Hi Da Pino.
    Thanx for the resource
    I really appreciate york.
    Great work mate. Keep it coming.

  88. DaPino says:

    @Tomas Martinez: Rookie designer, thank you for your words!

  89. Tomas Martinez says:

    from a rookie designer,
    thank you for your inspiration ,
    that poem touched my heart,
    your artwork is beyond (loss of words)

  90. DaPino says:

    @Janky: Thank you for very lovely comment. When I read your comment, I start a little blushing *wink*..

  91. Janky says:

    i cant even say anything… so amazing! i love your art! :) i really do!

  92. DaPino says:

    @lucia: I’m really blushing with your nice words…. Thank you.

  93. lucia says:

    You’re simple the best!! Your job shows a sensible and great person I’m sure you are.
    My best wishes from Brasil. (Rio de Janeiro)

  94. Hello Dapino,

    I was looking for free floral vector on Google and it is how I have found your site. I was surprised to see you are using my free WP theme Yoghourt ). Thanks for using it. If you like my theme, It would have been nice you credit me in the footer though. It would be a nice gesture and a nice way to give back to me. ;-)

    Nice graphics by the way. You are talented.

  95. DaPino says:

    Hello Jeremie!
    Thank you for your comment.
    Your link/credit is written in the footer.
    Keep up the good work!!

  96. DaPino says:

    @Javi Recetas: I’m happy that you can use my stuff on your new website! Enjoy! No thanks, you’re welcome.

  97. Javi Recetas says:

    Hello, excuse me but my english is not very good. I only can said you tha i love to your work and i am very happy to can used your icons in my new site.

    Thank you very much.


  98. DaPino says:

    @Raul Corrado: Thank you! Bye :lol:

  99. Raul Corrado says:

    :lol: Good portfolio! see you! bye

  100. DaPino says:

    @Letto: I just send you an email about your question above.

  101. Letto says:

    Hey, DaPino
    I have a question: are these backgrounds are done by you? And if your answer is yes, are you allowing me to use them on a website, wich I’m making? This would be very nice, because they are going to look very good in the design :)


  102. DaPino says:

    @Arturo: Thank you, Danke, Gracias … :-)

    Yes, Maybe I’ll write some tutorials. Do you have any request/ideas?

  103. Arturo says:

    Your work is wonderful, deine Arbeit ist wunderbar, tu trabajo es maravilloso…

    Don’t you want to do some tutorials?

  104. DaPino says:

    @marikikis: Thank you :-)

  105. marikikis says:

    awesome work!!!!!!great job!!!!You are an artist!!
    Greetings from Mexico :D ;)

  106. DaPino says:

    @Saul: Thanks! Ok, I’ll the next time.
    I visited your site, it’s a great site with a lot of news too!

  107. DaPino says:

    @pat: Thanks for compliment! yes, I’ll keep on designing ;-)

  108. DaPino says:

    @Angela: Gracias! I’m glad to inspire you with my work!

  109. pat says:

    great job. keep on designing! ;-)

  110. Angela says:

    You are an artist, your work inspires us.
    Greetings from Spain.

  111. DaPino says:

    Me estoy :blush: Nikko

  112. NIkko says:

    DaPino : Deserve it, I have loved your work :-)

  113. DaPino says:

    @Nikko: Thanks. Also for publishing some of my works on your website :-)

  114. NIkko says:

    Beautiful work DaPino ^_^

  115. Hi DaPino. You excellent master. I very impudent :blush:, but I have request You create logo for my new news blog :)

    Beforehand TNX )

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